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NCRF has SPOOK-tacular tools for you, and not just because Halloween’s coming!

No ghoulish tricks. Our treats will make you scream with delight, not fright!

Make sure those devilish attorneys know your supernatural talents and what it takes to make an effective record. NCRF has all the tools you’ll need. Read more.

Don’t have nightmares over missing PDCs. You can get them free by participating in NCRF’s Oral Histories Program. Transcribing histories makes you feel good and provides an important service. Read more.

There’s no hocus pocus involved in financial support opportunities for court reporting students. NCRF awards several scholarships each year. Check out the website and watch for announcements throughout the year. Read more.

Becoming an NCRA student is not wizardry. Just do a couple of oral histories for a free NCRA student membership. See the Student Initiatives Program section on the Foundation’s Oral Histories page. Read more.

Happy Halloween!