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TechLinks: Gadgets and apps for the modern life

TechLinks_logoNCRA’s Technology Committee rounded up a group of tech-related links for court reporters, spanning from wireless keyboards to TVs that can work as touchscreen tablets.

Technology Committee member Robin Nodland, RDR, CRR, of Portland, Ore., found the Kanex Multi-Sync Keyboard, a full-sized, wireless Bluetooth keyboard that can be shared between multiple devices. See more.

Co-chair Christine Phipps, RPR, of West Palm Beach, Fla., noted that Adobe products, especially Acrobat Pro DC, can be an aid to reporters in finding ways to secure signed materials. Acrobat Pro DC has an associated app that works with mobile phones. See more.

Co-chair Nancy L. Bistany, RPR, of Chicago, Ill., offered news about a device called Lumo that monitors your posture and helps improve it with reminders. See more.

The group also shared news of a fundraising project on for a device called Touchjet WAVE, which purports to turn a TV screen into a touchscreen tablet. The project has met with enthusiastic response from supporters. See more.