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E-seminar review: Recipes for success for court reporting firms: Lessons from NCRA’s 2013 Firm Owners’ Economic Benchmark Survey

In a recent e-seminar, Jim Cudahy, CAE, NCRA Executive Director & CEO, discusses the results from the 2013 Firm Owners Economic Benchmark Survey. Many valuable types of information can be gleaned by the 2013 numbers, as well as lessons learned from comparing the results. Cudahy adds, “It’s helpful to take a benchmark of the industry periodically, to illuminate some of the best practices going on with court reporting firms.”

Cudahy also talks about the priorities of the National Court Reporters Association and what’s important to membership. He reviews the NCRA strategic plan, survey methodology, gross revenues, and size of firms, as well as trends and best practices such as market intelligence and marketing tactics used to acquire new business.

Court reporters who’d like to learn what’s new in the 2013 survey and find out the type of firms, based on geographic location and revenue, that participated should not miss the presentation. Cudahy breaks down all of the categories by size and percentile and shares what firm owners believe were the increased-demand projects. Cudahy also shares insightful information as to whether there’s a sweet spot when it comes to revenue increase and a point of diminishing return.

Throughout the presentation, Cudahy weaves in recipes for success and how important it is to cultivate business relations. And, he leaves with a final thought on how to increase your impact when it comes to building business.

This e-seminar is now available in NCRA’S online collection.