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TechLinks: ABA’s take on e-signatures, best USB hubs, and what to do if you’ve been hacked

TechLinks_logoThe NCRA’s Technology Committee’s email list noted a few online articles that offered advice on e-signatures, USB Hubs, and what to do if you’ve been hacked.

On the American Bar Association site, Peggy Gruenke from LegalBizSuccess reassures readers that apart from being faster and more environmentally friendly, e-signatures are legally binding as per the U.S. Electronic Signatures in Global and National Commerce Act (and state laws have often followed suit) and there are built-in securities to ensure user, document, and process authentication. Gruenke also suggests a few e-signature programs. Read more.

A post on The Wirecutter reviews USB 3.0 hubs, claiming the HooToo HT-UH010 seven-port hub as the best. The thorough post also covers the best users for the hub, the team’s metrics for choosing a hub, how they tested it, and why they didn’t choose some of the competitors. Read more.

A post by Bonnie Cha on Re/code discusses tips to prevent getting hacked, including using unique passwords for each account and using two-factor authentication whenever possible. The post suggests a few apps that can help generate and track passwords. Cha offers more specific tips for email and social accounts, cloud accounts, online transactions, and Web browsing. She then discusses signs of being hacked and what to do next, starting with resetting passwords and reporting the hack to your contacts and the sites in question. Read more.