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TechLinks: The relationship between humans and computers

TechLinks_logoFrom the NCRA Technology Committee comes a series of articles that explore the relationship between humans and computers, including a device that literally puts your keyboard and mouse into your hands, how social engineers create security breaches, and an adjustable laptop stand that changes the way you work.

A 2012 post on Mashable looks at The Leap – a proprietary technology that replaces a mouse and keyboard with the human hand. As Leap Motion CEO Michael Buckwald and CTO David Holz explain, The Leap is a “tightly-packed cluster of sensors” that “can see even subtle gestures in all five fingers on each hand at any given time.” The article was part of Mashable’s Tech Innovators Series. Read more.

On Law Technology Today, Rick Lutkus, an information security attorney, explains how social engineers’ skills and human knowledge can lead to serious security breaches. Using an example, Lutkus explains how people who are just trying to help out another human being are actually helping a social engineer have access to private personal and business files. This is the second article of a four-part series on information security and the law. Read more.

On the American Bar Association website, Nicole Black reviews the Pwr+ adjustable laptop stand. The laptop stand allows the user to alternate between sitting and standing while working, and Black shares some pros and cons to this particular product. Read more.