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Going global: The Internet Keyboarding Competition – Join Team USA!

By Tori Pittman

As you may have know, Intersteno offers a way to participate in their competition from the comfort of your own home. No trans-Atlantic flights and jet lag, no customs and duty free; just you and your keyboard, typing (or stenoing) your heart out for a few minutes.

It really is a very simple way to whet your appetite for Intersteno. You can compete solo or perhaps have your whole reporting office sign up to participate, maybe even your state association. You could do a family team, a church team, your scouting troop. See, the Internet Keyboarding Competition is for everyone who uses a keyboard.

As outlined in a previous article and on the Intersteno website, individuals or teams sign up and then have a window to compete. Compitors type on the Intersteno platform and then wait for the results. The Intersteno website offers a guide and some practice materials for competitors. And people who speak Spanish, French, or something else – there are many options – may compete in several languages in addition to their mother tongue. There is a range of dates on which to compete, so people can make it fit within their schedules. The fee is small (approximately 7 euros which, at the time of the writing of this article, was approximately $7.25).

Most excitingly, your results are tallied within your group, your country, and then the world, so you can look and see how you rate.

Of course, after you’ve tasted a little bit of what Intersteno is, I’m sure you’ll be ready to make plans for Intersteno Congress 51 that will be taking place in 2017 in Berlin.

Please consider being a part of Team USA for the Internet Keyboarding Competition and also at the Congress in 2017.

For more information, please visit the Intersteno websites at and

Tori Pittman, RDR, CRI, a freelancer in Wake Forest, N.C., is chair of NCRA’s Intersteno Task Force. She can be reached at